Crafts Museum Government of Delhi
Signage & Way-finding System
Crafts Museum
New Delhi, India

The National Crafts Museum has are more than 22,000 items of folk and tribal arts, crafts and textiles in its permanent collections. The collection was put together in the 1950s and 60s to serve as reference materialand is available to craftsmen, designers and scholars for study and research. It also provides a platform for craftsmen from different regions of the country to examine the work of their counterparts and for them to see what their forbearers had produced two or three hundred years ago. The renowned architectCharles Correa designed The Crafts Museum as a metaphor for an Indian street,where all the crafts have co-existed through the centuries. The project entailscreating a comprehensive design language for The Museum, which can be translated into both print and a signage system. The first stage of the project includes creating a signage and way-finding system for the entire complex.

The signage system is designed to blend with theenvironment, as not to detract from the exhibits. Hand-painted type and elements from the various crafts are incorporated in the signage. A stylized base map was designed and a Worli artist has been commissioned to further detail it.

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